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Our Kindergarten homework calendar allows students and families to choose 3 out of the 5 assignments to complete weekly. The assignments are completed in the students' homework notebook and turned in on Fridays. It is available in English, Spanish, Creole, and Portuguese.

The websites provided are educational websites to reinforce reading, math, and science skills.

Our list of 25 sight words are the words that Kindergarten students are expected to know by the end of the school year. We work on these in school, but please practice them at home also!

Writing our letters and knowing letter sounds is a major skill learned in Kindergarten. The attached document provides some guidance on how to correctly form uppercase and lowercase letters. The letters with corresponding pictures helps to understand the correct sound for each letter. For example, letter "Dd" is said like the first letter in dog (picture).

Absence Note:
Please use this note if your child is going to be absent. Send it to school with your child upon his/her return.

Absence Note.pdf

I Care Rules

I Care Rules:
We all follow the I Care Rules!

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November 2019 Homework Calendar Grade K.pdf
ABC Mouse
Kids National Geographic
PBS Kids
Tumble Books
Growing Independence Tips for Parents of Young Children

25 Sight Words to Learn in Kindergarten:
so no
on in
it is
do to
me he
we go
a can
an up
like see
at am
the you
and my